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    Heross Shines as Henry's Duo Secure Grand Prix Final Places
Heross Shines as Henry's Duo Secure Grand Prix Final Places
Savana Heross at Sunderland. Source: facebook.com/sunderlandgreyhoundstadium

Heross Shines as Henry's Duo Secure Grand Prix Final Places

In an electrifying display of skill and speed, Savana Heross surged ahead to secure a coveted spot in the Arc Grand Prix Final at Sunderland, setting the pace as the fastest semi-final winner. Under the guidance of trainer Diane Henry, Savana Heross dominated the third semi over the challenging 640m distance, establishing an early lead and crossing the finish line ahead of the competition in 39.39 seconds. With this impressive performance, Savana Heross enters the final as the sole railer, poised for an exhilarating showdown with other top contenders.

Joining Savana Heross in the highly anticipated final is kennelmate Savana Jazz, adding another dimension to Henry's formidable presence in the race. Despite stiff competition in the semi-finals, Savana Jazz showcased her mettle, securing her spot in the decider. As the TV Trophy finalist, Savana Jazz brings a wealth of experience and determination to the final, amplifying the chances for trainer Diane Henry to clinch victory.

The semi-finals also delivered unexpected twists, with Richard Wales's Farneys Willie emerging victorious in a surprising turn of events. Challenged by formidable opponents, Farneys Willie displayed remarkable strength and strategy, seizing the lead and securing a coveted spot in the final. Meanwhile, Agile Ange and Coppice Kaiser showcased their prowess, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown in the grand finale.

With the trap draw for the £12,500 Arc Grand Prix Final now set, anticipation mounts as the stage is set for a thrilling contest. The final line-up promises a clash of titans, with each contender poised to leave their mark on the prestigious race.

Trap Draw for the Arc Grand Prix Final - Sunderland, 640m:

Savana Heross (Diane Henry)

Greenwell Ange (m) (John Flaherty)

Farneys Willie (m) (Richard Wales)

Coppice Kaiser (w) (Jimmy Fenwick)

Agile Ange (w) (Debbie Calvert)

Savana Jazz (w) (Diane Henry)

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