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    Henry Team Dominates Arc Grand Prix Heats as Defending Champ Crow Soars
Henry Team Dominates Arc Grand Prix Heats as Defending Champ Crow Soars
Greyhound racing. Source: Midjourney

Henry Team Dominates Arc Grand Prix Heats as Defending Champ Crow Soars

In an electrifying display of skill and determination, Diane Henry's greyhounds showcased their prowess in the heats of the Arc Grand Prix at Sunderland on Friday. Meanwhile, last year's victor, Coonough Crow, delivered a commanding performance, reaffirming her status as a force to be reckoned with.

Mark Wallis's Coonough Crow, the defending champion, left spectators in awe with a standout performance in heat five. The daughter of Eden The Kid demonstrated her exceptional speed, surging ahead of her competitors after the halfway mark to secure a decisive seven-length victory in a blistering time of 39.26 seconds. Clearly, Crow has no intentions of relinquishing her hold on the coveted 640m title!

However, Diane Henry's team also made a significant impact, clinching victories in the first three heats. The impressive streak began with Savana Shay's triumph in heat one. Under Henry's guidance, Savana Shay surged ahead from the start, ultimately crossing the finish line almost two lengths ahead of Darren Little's Knockalton Duza, clocking in at 39.99 seconds.

The momentum continued as kennelmate Savana Heross delivered a powerful finish to claim victory in heat two. Despite trailing until the final bend, Savana Heross showcased remarkable acceleration, securing a comfortable win with a time of 39.91 seconds.

The Henry hat-trick was completed by Savana Jazz in heat three, with a performance reminiscent of her kennelmates. Leading down the back straight, Savana Jazz extended her lead to clinch victory effortlessly in 39.88 seconds.

Other notable performances included Greenwell Ange's impressive win in heat four and Innfield Charm's triumph in the final heat six.

Looking ahead to the semi-finals, the trap draw promises intense competition, with top contenders vying for a spot in the prestigious final. Coonough Crow is set to face formidable opponents in the second semi-final, including Savana Jazz from Diane Henry's kennel.

With the stage set for thrilling showdowns, greyhound racing enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the semi-finals of the Arc Grand Prix at Sunderland.

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