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    Heflewanocean – the Fabulous Quirkiness of Greyhound Ownership
Heflewanocean – the Fabulous Quirkiness of Greyhound Ownership
Kelli Windebank with Heflewanocean. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Heflewanocean – the Fabulous Quirkiness of Greyhound Ownership

When Heflewanocean triumphed in an A4 race at Yarmouth last Saturday, it marked a significant moment in an extraordinary tale of faith, hope, and international camaraderie within the realm of greyhound racing, as recounted by Floyd Amphlett.

The journey began with Glenn Harrison, the administrator of the Apollo UK Syndicate in the Bloomfield Kennel, engaging in a conversation with American enthusiasts Shannon Konold Lorenz and Trish Cescolini. Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, these discussions revealed a shared passion for greyhound racing among the 40 syndicate members, including several from America and even one from Malta.

Glenn explains, “The syndicate has members from all over the world, including quite a few from America and even one from Malta. When they have a runner they will stay up to all hours to watch the race live on their phones. There are no serious gamblers in the syndicate, in fact we have quite a few pensioners, but they just love greyhound racing as a spectacle.”

However, notable differences exist between greyhound racing in the USA and Britain, as Glenn highlights: “I was chatting to Shannon and Trish one night when Jason had a winner at Henlow. They had a runner on the same night at Wheeling (Island, West Virginia). Our dog won and picked up £130, their’s finished fourth and earned $3,000.”

This conversation sparked an idea in Glenn's mind – what if they were to purchase an American greyhound to race in Britain?

Glenn recalls, “I had no idea of the cost or what would be involved but the ladies put me in touch with top American breeder Robert Crossland. I asked him how much a pup would cost and held my breath waiting for a ridiculous figure. I couldn’t believe it when he said $2,000. It would have cost me more than that in Ireland.”

Opting for an August ’22 black pup sired by My Bro Fabio and out of Teasemansqueezem, Glenn navigated the regulatory hurdles with the National Greyhound Association in the USA to secure ownership.

The pup, later named Heflewanocean, faced challenges during transportation, with unforeseen expenses amounting to nearly £5,000 due to logistical complications.

Under the care of Michelle Brown and trainer David Pruhs, Heflewanocean flourished, eventually qualifying for races at Yarmouth under Jason Bloomfield's guidance.

Glenn reflects, “Everybody is absolutely thrilled. All the syndicate members were in touch with each other and they were all so excited. I wonder when the last time that a pup born and reared in America had won a race in England.”

Despite the challenges and expenses incurred, Glenn affirms his willingness to embark on a similar venture in the future, underscoring the camaraderie and joy that greyhound ownership brings to enthusiasts worldwide.

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