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    Greyhound Racing Icon Skate On A Legacy of Triumph and Impact
Greyhound Racing Icon Skate On A Legacy of Triumph and Impact

Greyhound Racing Icon Skate On A Legacy of Triumph and Impact

The greyhound racing world bids farewell to a luminary, Skate On. Rab and Liz McNair recently announced the compassionate decision to put Skate On to rest. This marks the end of an era for a greyhound that changed their lives.

Skate On, born in August 2010, showed her racing talent early in her career. She reached the finals of prestigious races under Mick Walsh's guidance at Newcastle. These included the Puppy Plate at Sunderland and Scurry at Belle Vue. Her career took a significant turn when she joined the McNairs and the KSS Syndicate in November 2012. She made her mark, winning a heat of the 2012 Oaks at Wimbledon and achieving finalist status.

The switch to sprinting revealed her true potential. She broke track records alongside Wee Tiger Tots at Nottingham, Wimbledon, and Yarmouth. This showcased her exceptional speed and agility.

Post-retirement in July 2015, Skate On's legacy continued through her offspring. Her first litter with Tullymurry Act produced racing stars like King Elvis and Greyhound of the Year. It also produced other winners, including Queen Anna and Queen Adele. This litter distinguished itself, with all achieving open race victories.

Her pairing with Eden The Kid produced the 'Eden kids,' characterized by more robust running capabilities. King Sheeran, a notable name from this litter, triumphed in various high-stakes competitions. He also reached the 2019 Derby semi-final.

A subsequent litter by Leamaneigh Turbo yielded more sprint-oriented males. The litter also included capable females like Queen Lilly. Queen Jessiej from this litter mirrored her mother's success. She won the 2020 Produce Stakes. She also became a runner-up in the Monmore Puppy Derby and the Oaks.

Skate On's daughters, Queens Beyonce and Jessiej, have bred a new generation of champions. They are extending their influence. Beyonce's offspring, including Derby's favorite King Memphis, continue to dominate significant races. Jessie J's progeny, like Queen Joni, also do well.

Skate On leaves a rich legacy in her remarkable racing career. Her progeny continue to excel in the competitive world of greyhound racing.

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