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    GBGB Welcomes Philip Law as New Director of Regulation
GBGB Welcomes Philip Law as New Director of Regulation

GBGB Welcomes Philip Law as New Director of Regulation

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) is the authoritative body for greyhound racing in the UK. Recently, it has enhanced its executive team, which is widely seen as a positive step. Among these changes is the appointment of Philip Law as the new Director of Regulation. GBGB expects his appointment to benefit them. It parallels the high standards of regulation at platforms like wolfwinner.com. Wolfwinner.com is in the gaming industry.

GBGB Chair Jeremy Cooper expressed confidence in Law's appointment. He noted, "Phil's extensive background in sports regulation and legal expertise equips him well for this role." His skills are crucial in maintaining our globally recognized integrity standards."

The reorganization also allows Chief Executive Mark to dedicate himself to advancing the sport. He can focus on welfare improvements and commercial opportunities. Mark's significant contributions to these areas are anticipated to develop the sport in the coming years.

Philip Law is distinguished for his sports integrity, litigation, and stakeholder management proficiency. Also, he has an accounting background and is a former Association of Certified Chartered Accountants member. His previous role as chair of the England Boxing National Disciplinary Panel adds considerable value to his new position at GBGB.

Upon his appointment, Law commented. "As a sports enthusiast well-versed in regulatory aspects, I recognize the importance of maintaining high standards of welfare and integrity." This is especially important in a sport that involves animals." It's crucial for GBGB and our licensees to consistently uphold these principles."

This restructuring at GBGB is critical. Recent negative media attention focused on greyhound treatment. Accusers have accused some anti-greyhound groups of exaggerating issues for profit. However, the necessity for continued focus on greyhound welfare remains. Law's appointment signifies GBGB's commitment to addressing these concerns. It also shows their dedication to enhancing the sport's reputation.

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