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    GBGB Releases Updated Track Maintenance Guide
GBGB Releases Updated Track Maintenance Guide

GBGB Releases Updated Track Maintenance Guide

This week, the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) has released an updated Track Maintenance Guide, aimed at providing a central source of information on crucial aspects of track preparation and maintenance.

The guide builds on the sport's expertise and GBGB's longstanding collaboration with STRI Group, a leading sports surface research and consultancy company, benefiting all licensed tracks. It has been meticulously compiled to ensure that track staff have access to the latest guidance, best practices, and insights in one comprehensive document.

The guide is part of a broader support and continuing professional development (CPD) program on track preparation and maintenance, including webinars and other events. This initiative aligns with GBGB's long-term welfare strategy, 'A Good Life for Every Greyhound,' aiming to facilitate the best possible racing surface for dogs and ensure smooth track operations on race days.

Drawing on the knowledge of experienced track staff, the guide serves as a valuable reference and education tool for training new personnel. Importantly, it is designed as a flexible resource, considering the individual needs of each track, reflecting their unique features and compositions.

Mark Peacock, Track Liaison Officer at GBGB, commented:

"Given the extensive work undertaken across the sport in recent years, specifically on track preparation and maintenance, we wanted to ensure all licensed racecourses had access to up-to-date information. The new version of the Track Maintenance Guide incorporates the wealth of expertise and experience contained across GBGB tracks, as well as insights from our partners at STRI, to support best practice in racing surfaces.
"Each track will know their own surface and be able to apply the guidance in a way that best suits their needs and operations—whether as a training tool for new staff or a reference point. I am very grateful for all the colleagues who have supported and contributed to this new update and hope it will prove useful to teams and individuals across our sport."

Bill Glass, GBGB Board Director and Chair of the Track Sub-Committee, said:

"Securing and maintaining high-quality racing surfaces is essential within our sport, and we are fortunate to have considerable knowledge and experience at GBGB tracks up and down the country. This updated guide builds upon all of this, combined with the learnings from our partnership with STRI in recent years, to provide a comprehensive support and training tool going forward."

STRI’s Dr Christian Spring added:

"Producing a high-quality greyhound racing surface is based on understanding track construction and how its constituent elements work together in harmony, as well as the fundamentals of best practice in maintenance. The Track Maintenance Guide is practical and accessible for those who need to harness the experience, knowledge, and science that has been distilled throughout the guide. Its key objective is to assist users on the best practice approaches to building and managing high-quality racing surfaces.
The guide encompasses the cumulative knowledge of hundreds of years of experience, together with the latest scientific understanding of greyhound track preparation and future innovations. It is a testament to the openness of those involved with the preparation of racing surfaces, who have shared their experience and insights. It has been a pleasure to help craft and shape this information into a valuable reference and training tool for anyone involved with constructing and maintaining a greyhound track."

Copies of the guide will be sent to every licensed track across the country, and it is also available to read online here.


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