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    GBGB ‘Likely’ To Suspend Forfeit Rule
GBGB ‘Likely’ To Suspend Forfeit Rule
GBGB logo. Source: GBGB website

GBGB ‘Likely’ To Suspend Forfeit Rule

In light of recent drug testing controversies, GBGB is expected to suspend Rule 173 (ii) pending an urgent review of drug testing procedures.

Concerns over 'cocaine positives' for Winter Derby winner Churchfield Syd and Oaks winner No Rush have sparked widespread unease within the industry.

Peter Harnden, representing trainers on GBGB, emphasises the need for a reevaluation of testing protocols amid growing apprehension among trainers.

Harnden states, “This has got out of hand and has done huge damage to the reputation of the industry. Drug testing is supposed to demonstrate the integrity of the sport. It is doing the opposite."

Expressing empathy for affected connections, Harnden highlights the distress caused by positive tests and underscores the importance of distinguishing between genuine doping and accidental contamination.

He calls for the suspension of Rule 173 (ii) to ensure fair treatment for greyhound owners and trainers, pending further investigation into drug testing anomalies.

Harnden concludes, “This is about natural justice."


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