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    GBGB Commits to Implementing New Code of Practice for Tracks
GBGB Commits to Implementing New Code of Practice for Tracks
Greyhound. Source: Midjourney

GBGB Commits to Implementing New Code of Practice for Tracks

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) has provisionally agreed to adopt a new code of practice for tracks following a meeting with a working group formed after the publication of an open letter. This new code aims to elevate industry standards, ensuring a consistent and professional experience for all visitors, including customers, owners, staff, trainers, and kennel hands.

The proposed code will align with the existing GBGB Code of Practice for trainers, holding tracks to comparable levels of scrutiny and standards. It encompasses four main areas: the track itself (including the running surface and associated machinery), kennels and paddocks, customer-facing areas, and staff training and appearance.

A draft of the code was reviewed by the working group and the GBGB board, who agreed in principle to adopt it, pending necessary amendments and final board approval. The working group included trainers Phil Milner and Nathan Hunt, Coppice Racing owner Tony Brealey, kennel hand Callum Field-Mullins, syndicate manager George Sell, and Greyhound Weekly editor Paul Blake. GBGB representatives included Chair Jeremy Cooper, CEO Mark Bird, Senior Stipendiary Steward Duncan Gibson, Promoter Directors Bill Glass and Simon Franklin, Trainers Rep Peter Harnden, and Owners Rep Ian Foster.

George Sell expressed optimism about the code, highlighting its potential to address the inconsistency in track standards. He noted that while some tracks excel in many areas, others consistently fall short. The new code aims to ensure all tracks adopt best practices, enhancing the sport's image and countering criticisms from animal rights organisations. Sell also emphasised the code's potential to boost track attendance and betting turnover, crucial for future investments in racing.

Nathan Hunt echoed these sentiments, stressing the importance of tracks maintaining high standards similar to those required of trainers. He believes the code will help resolve ongoing issues at tracks and benefit the sport overall.

Mark Bird, GBGB CEO, praised the productive meeting and the progress made on various critical issues. He reiterated GBGB's commitment to the code, noting that while some elements are already covered under the Rules of Racing, they would be more rigorously enforced under the new code. Bird also mentioned ongoing initiatives in track inspection, training, and development that will support this effort. The upcoming version of the Rules of Racing will provide further clarity and complement the new code once it is finalised and approved by the GBGB Board.

This initiative marks a significant step towards ensuring uniform standards across greyhound racing tracks, aiming to foster a more professional and consistent environment within the sport.



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