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    Expert Conducts Webinar Series on Racing Greyhound Behaviour for GBGB License Holders
Expert Conducts Webinar Series on Racing Greyhound Behaviour for GBGB License Holders
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Expert Conducts Webinar Series on Racing Greyhound Behaviour for GBGB License Holders

Dr Sarah Heath FRCVS, a distinguished veterinary specialist in behavioural medicine, was recently invited to share her expertise on the behaviour of racing greyhounds through a series of webinars organized by GBGB, and attended by trainers nationwide.

The core focus of her sessions has been the emotional well-being of racing greyhounds, and the insights trainers can gain from understanding their behaviour. The upcoming final session, scheduled for Wednesday, April 3rd, will delve into the emotional aspects of greyhounds transitioning from racing to retirement.

With over 36 years of veterinary experience specializing in behavioural issues, Dr Heath operates her own referral practice focusing on behavioural medicine. Additionally, she serves as a visiting lecturer in this field at the University of Liverpool and the University of Central Lancashire.

Throughout the initial two sessions, Dr Heath provided invaluable insights into the motivations behind various behaviours observed in racing greyhounds, along with strategies for trainers to effectively respond.

The first session offered an introduction to general canine emotional health, followed by a second webinar delving deeper into the emotional lives of racing greyhounds. The final session of the series will concentrate on the emotional aspects of the critical transition period from racing to retirement.

Meriel France, Learning and Development Manager at GBGB, commented:

"We're delighted to see such a fantastic turnout for the first two sessions of Dr Heath's captivating webinar series on greyhound behaviour and emotional well-being. Sessions like these are essential for connecting the racing community with experts who can assist our trainers in providing the best possible care for their dogs.

"I extend my gratitude to Dr Heath for dedicating her time to share her expertise with our trainers through these engaging webinars and encourage all trainers to attend the final session on April 3rd."

The last webinar in Dr Sarah Heath’s series on greyhound behaviour is scheduled for April 3rd. To register for the event, please email: meriel.france@gbgb.org.uk

All three webinars are being recorded and will be accessible on the GBGB website for licensed personnel to view after the sessions conclude.


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