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    Entain Addresses Recent Incident at Crayford
Entain Addresses Recent Incident at Crayford
Entain logo. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Entain Addresses Recent Incident at Crayford

Paul Illingworth, representing Entain, has released a statement in response to the recent incident at Crayford, where a greyhound vomited on parade but was still permitted to race. The aftermath of this incident saw trainer Kerry Daly choose to relinquish her license.

In his statement, Illingworth expressed disappointment at Daly's decision to step down but acknowledged and respected her reasons for doing so. He took the opportunity to commend Daly for her dedicated service to Crayford and the diligent efforts she has contributed as a trainer during her tenure with the organisation.

Illingworth reassured that Entain remains committed to supporting Daly during the transition period as the kennels wind down operations in the following weeks. The priority is to ensure that all greyhounds under Daly's care are responsibly re-housed in suitable environments, prioritizing their welfare and well-being throughout the process.

Illingworth said: “It is disappointing that Kerry has decided to relinquish her license, but I fully understand her reasons for doing so. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kerry for her service to Crayford and the hard work that she has put in during her time as a trainer with us. We will continue to support Kerry with the winding down of the kennels over the coming weeks to ensure all the greyhounds are suitably re-housed.”

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