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    Droopys Clue Secures Memorial Victory In Style
Droopys Clue Secures Memorial Victory In Style

Droopys Clue Secures Memorial Victory In Style

Trainer Seamus Cahill praises Droopys Clue's impressive middle pace as the greyhound claims a third Category One victory in 2023, winning the George Curtis & Ballyregan Bob Memorial at Hove on Saturday.

The £10,000 Category One event spanning 740m pays homage to two Hove-based legends, most notably the world record-breaking Ballyregan Bob in 1986. Victory for locally trained stayer Droopys Clue, a Juvenile Classic and St Leger winner, was fitting.

Taking an early lead, Droopys Clue asserted dominance over the six-bend contest, justifying 1-3 favouritism. Ower Smasher finished strongly to secure second, followed by Savana Jazz in third.

Cahill expressed his belief in Droopys Clue's potential for Greyhound of the Year, emphasizing the dog's prowess over six bends. Owner Alex Hambi admitted relief, acknowledging the pressure given the dog's short odds.

Hove racing manager Rob Abrey commended Droopys Clue's dominance in the memorial event, praising the dog's class as a six-bender. He also celebrated the success of local winners, highlighting the historical significance of the competition in Hove.

Abrey also acknowledged the remarkable achievement of Liz and Rab McNair in winning numerous Category One events in a short span. He commended King Memphis as one of their best, emphasizing the dog's youth and the promising future ahead.

With a robust Christmas crowd and a vibrant atmosphere, Abrey thanked all trainers for their support, anticipating a continuation of such success in 2024.

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