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    Dogpeople Podcast
Dogpeople Podcast
Dogpeople Podcast. Source: X.com

Dogpeople Podcast

Author and playwright Louise Powell has launched a captivating podcast series titled Dogpeople, which delves into the history of the independent greyhound racing scene in County Durham. Powell shares, “It tells the history of the independent greyhound racing scene in County Durham through the words of the people who were part of it. The series traces the origins of flapping through to its heyday and decline, and the subsequent shift to licensed greyhound racing.”

Powell wrote and narrated the series, with audio editing by Bridget Hamilton. The podcast features interviews with numerous dogmen and dogwomen from County Durham, providing a rich, first-hand account of the sport's local heritage.

The series comprises eight episodes, six of which have already been released. The remaining episodes will be available on Saturday, June 8th.

Funded by the Arts Council, this podcast is part of a larger project that includes a Community Exhibition, a QR Code Story Trail about flapping, a blog, and a publication.

You can listen to the podcast here: Dogpeople Podcast


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