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    Daily Greyhound Tips for June 12, 2024
Daily Greyhound Tips for June 12, 2024
BALLYMAC SLICK (t5) gets up to beat Cooliogold (t2). Photo: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Daily Greyhound Tips for June 12, 2024

Today's selections highlight some promising greyhounds set to race at Yarmouth, Romford, and Perry Barr. Here's a detailed look at the top contenders:

Yarmouth 18:31 - CHANCEME JACKO (Trap 4)

Chanceme Jacko is poised for success in the sprint at Yarmouth, coming off two strong performances in the same grade. With the fastest time in the field, his early speed out of the traps is a major advantage. While Jacko has yet to win over two bends, his strong running style and multiple victories over four bends suggest he will be difficult to catch once he takes the lead.

Danger: Marroway Boy (Trap 3) drops in grade from D1 and, despite a recent hiatus, has shown potential with a solid trial over four bends. If Chanceme Jacko falters, Marroway Boy could capitalise on his return to form.

Romford 19:27 - CORBRACK DUCHESS (Trap 4)

Corbrack Duchess is set to dominate the S2 at Romford, boasting the best early pace in the field. Her recent performances include a victory in S3 and a close second in S2. With eight runs over this course and distance, she recorded her fastest time recently, indicating her readiness to win.

Danger: Ladys Luck (Trap 3) is in excellent form with two consecutive wins. Although she tends to come into the race late, her staying power could challenge the Duchess if she can close the gap early enough.

Perry Barr 20:07 - DE MAN STEPHEN (Trap 4)

De Man Stephen competes in an A2 at Perry Barr, showcasing his grit and determination. A recent winner in A3, he nearly clinched a double win through the grades. Despite some trouble in recent races, his consistent sub-29-second times make him a strong contender.

Danger: Swich Me On (Trap 5) benefits from an open track with trap 6 vacant. While not the fastest starter, his ability to stay close in the early stages could make him a threat in the closing moments.

Best Bets

18:31 Yarmouth: CHANCEME JACKO (Trap 4)

19:27 Romford: CORBRACK DUCHESS (Trap 4)

20:07 Perry Barr: DE MAN STEPHEN (Trap 4)

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