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    Daily Greyhound Tips - Friday, June 21, 2024
Daily Greyhound Tips - Friday, June 21, 2024
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Daily Greyhound Tips - Friday, June 21, 2024

Sunderland hosts an exciting open race card tonight, featuring the Arena Racing Company Puppy Cup semi-finals and three heats exclusive to British-bred greyhounds. With top contenders vying for victory, here are selections for the evening.

7:59 PM - Puppy Cup Semi-Final

In the first semi-final of the Puppy Cup at 7:59 PM, the pick is MADABOUT PECK from trap five. This young greyhound made a strong impression in the first round and is expected to follow up with another stellar performance. Known for his quick start, MADABOUT PECK is anticipated to build a substantial lead over his main rival, Untold Ruble. With Tom Heilbron’s early pacer likely to have a clear run into the first bend, MADABOUT PECK's impressive 26.75 time last Friday highlights his exceptional acceleration, crucial for maintaining the lead throughout the race.

8:17 PM - Second Puppy Cup Semi-Final

In the second semi-final at 8:17 PM, the favourite is Heather Dimmock’s Towcester raider, DROOPY'S EXTRAGUD. This young greyhound has demonstrated impressive all-around pace and track craft, particularly with his late victory in the opening round. DROOPY'S EXTRAGUD has the potential to break sharper than last Friday and, if he avoids trouble, can secure a place in next week’s final. Carol Weatherall’s Untold Quetzal is the probable early leader, but if DROOPY'S EXTRAGUD can round the first bend in second, he should be able to outpace the trap two runner in the final stretch.

9:32 PM - Graded Race

In the 9:32 PM graded race, ITSWATUNITESUS is poised to end his recent winless streak. Dropping in class, ITSWATUNITESUS was impressive in April's similar grade and showed good form despite early crowding last time in an A4 contest. This class drop should enable him to stay closer to the pace. If he avoids early interference from the wide-running Inkysquiggle, the son of Good News should leverage his middle pace to make a strong run down the back straight.

Best Bets

  • 7:59 PM Sunderland: MADABOUT PECK (Trap 5)
  • 8:17 PM Sunderland: DROOPY'S EXTRAGUD (Trap 3)
  • 9:32 PM Sunderland: ITSWATUNITESUS (Trap 5)

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