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    Daily Greyhound Tips - April 26, 2024
Daily Greyhound Tips - April 26, 2024
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Daily Greyhound Tips - April 26, 2024

Expert’s selections offer a blend of experienced contenders and promising runners, presenting an exciting line-up for Friday's racing action.

Central Park - Race 1 - 13:39

POPSI GIRL CERYS (Trap 3): Coming off two recent races where she wasn't quite herself, Popsi Girl Cerys still shows potential, especially with her strong finish over this distance. Despite facing tough competition, she's reached the top grade of S1 over six bends, indicating her capabilities. With clear running, she could utilize her stamina advantage late in the race.

Romford - Race 1 - 18:56

DROOPYS ONHEROWN (Trap 3): Despite being a beaten favourite in several recent races, Droopys Onherown has consistently shown promise. In this heat of the 500 maiden open, she has a favourable opportunity to break her losing streak. With her strong middle track preference, she's poised to lead around the first two bends and hold off her rivals.

Romford - Race 5 (Rosebowl Final) - 21:21

FLYERS POMPEII (Trap 1): After a surprising 20/1 victory last week, Flyers Pompeii aims to prove her mettle in the Rosebowl Final. With the advantageous red draw and previous experience at Romford, she's well-positioned to repeat her success. Despite facing competition from Aayamza Sydney, Flyers Pompeii's value in the market makes her a compelling choice.

Romford - Race 6 - 21:36

CONOR BE SLICK (Trap 3): Expected to dominate from the ideal trap position, Conor Be Slick aims to redeem himself from a previous loss to Teaboy Brownie. With a sharp start, Conor Be Slick can navigate the inside line and surpass his trap 6 rival, especially with trap 1 unlikely to pose a threat.

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