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    Daily Greyhound Tips - April 17, 2024
Daily Greyhound Tips - April 17, 2024
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Daily Greyhound Tips - April 17, 2024

Our expert is back with insights and top selections for Wednesday's racing action at Perry Barr, Romford, and Yarmouth.

Tonight's graded cards promise competitive matchups across Perry Barr, Romford, and Yarmouth, and here are the top picks:

Perry Barr - 19:37 - Race: A4

DE GIRL SCOOTIE (Trap 4): This promising young pup shows tremendous potential, displaying a knack for quick starts and leading from the front. Despite not yet securing an A4 victory, she's poised for success tonight, having come close in her recent outings. Trained by the Aveline kennel, her upward trajectory suggests a breakthrough win isn't far off.

Romford - 20:09 - Race: A1

HOT SAUCE DUDE (Trap 2): Looking to bounce back from a recent disappointing run, Hot Sauce Dude aims to reclaim his winning form in tonight's A1 race. With impressive past performances in this grade, his early pace could prove decisive if he can break cleanly. Despite stiff competition from Seomra Anton, Hot Sauce Dude's track record suggests he's more than capable of leading the pack.

Yarmouth - 21:16 - Race: A1

ALL ABOUT GOLD (Trap 1): Returning to his favored rail position, All About Gold seeks another victory after demonstrating strong form in recent races. With a history of success at Yarmouth's top level and a recent commendable performance in Category 3 competition, All About Gold appears primed for another win. His consistent railing style makes him a formidable contender.

For those seeking an alternative, Curtain Twitcher (4) presents a strong case, boasting a track record of consistent performances and the potential to lead the pack if given the opportunity.

Don't miss out on these top selections from Dani Jackson for an exciting evening of greyhound racing.

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