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    Daily Greyhound Tips - 29 May 2024
Daily Greyhound Tips - 29 May 2024
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Daily Greyhound Tips - 29 May 2024

Perry Barr (19.49)

SWICH ME ON (Trap 6): As the sole wide seed in this race, Swich Me On should benefit from a clear run around the bends on her seventh start. Despite this being her toughest task to date, her last race was impressive with a 3.56s split, the fastest time recorded in that race. At only a September '22 pup, she's shown potential and there's likely more to come from her.

Yarmouth (18.48)

TWO SLIP JIGS (Trap 2): This greyhound is making his debut under the new trainer Jason Bloomfield, previously trained by Mark Wallis. His trial time over the 277m here was impressive, indicating he's in good form. As a son of Broadstrand Bono, he typically finishes strong, and if he gets a handy position around the opening bend, he should comfortably take this race. Johnny Three (Trap 3) is the main threat with his speed and experience over two bends.

Romford (21.11)

COOLAVANNY DEREK (Trap 6): This greyhound has a great chance to add to his tally of wins at Romford. Although he had a tough Derby trial stakes last time, finishing behind Keefill Goose, this race is easier. Derek's strength lies in his kick down the back and late speed, so if he positions himself well into the back straight, he should be able to pick off the competition. Droopys Pamela (Trap 4) is a notable threat, given her early speed, but Coolavanny Derek is the best bet for the night.

Best Bets Summary

18.48 Yarmouth: TWO SLIP JIGS (Trap 2)

19.49 Perry Barr: SWICH ME ON (Trap 6)

21.11 Romford: COOLAVANNY DEREK (Trap 6)

Happy Hump Day and good luck with your bets!

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