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    Daily Greyhound Tips - 15 May 2024
Daily Greyhound Tips - 15 May 2024
Girl with a greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Daily Greyhound Tips - 15 May 2024

Our expert presents promising prospects for Wednesday's greyhound racing action across Perry Barr, Romford, and Yarmouth.

Perry Barr - A3 - 19:37

Hazelhill Hare returns after a brief hiatus, showing promise in recent outings. Despite a less favorable draw, expect a strong performance given his past success in minor Opens. Poised for victory in this A3 race.

Romford - A1 - 20:44

Topper Conor aims for a comeback after last week's challenges. With impressive past wins, this young contender is eager to reclaim the spotlight. Expect a commanding performance in this A1 grade race.

Yarmouth - TBD - 20:57

SMORES (Trap 5)
Smores seeks to continue his winning streak with his strong turn of foot and tactical prowess. With a favorable draw and recent success, he's well-positioned for another victory.

Additional Note:
Watch out for Droopys Oaklynn (Trap 3) in Yarmouth, with her past wins and potential to threaten if she can navigate early trouble.

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