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    Daily Greyhound Tips 11 March 2024
Daily Greyhound Tips 11 March 2024

Daily Greyhound Tips 11 March 2024

Monday's picks in the BGBF British Breeders Stakes semi-finals at Nottingham

The BGBF British Breeders Stakes progresses to the semi-final stage at Nottingham, offering two thrilling races this Monday evening - broadcast live on Sky Sports Racing.

COPPICE GRACIE (6) in the first semi at 20.44 has secured victory in her last four outings, three at Newcastle and the previous week's heat. Confronted with her most challenging task to date, she triumphed decisively, winning by almost eight lengths. As the only semi-finalist to break the 30-second barrier, she appears formidable and should prove challenging to beat.

Gracie, situated wide as the sole wide seed, should navigate a clear course once again. Even if she doesn't take the lead (which is highly likely), her exceptional middle pace should position her well down the backstretch.

The Ferguson kennel from Kinsley presents three contenders in the race, with Acomb Felix (2) being my preferred choice among the trio. He is likely to clear Platinumheatwave (1) on the run to the first turn and secure a favourable position on the rail. While I doubt he'll have enough speed to catch the selection, he could be a suitable forecast link.

WESTWELL DIEGO (4) in the second semi-final at 21.02 demonstrated impressive form last week. Winning by just over a length while battling down the straight to defeat Acomb Felix, it was his inaugural experience at Nottingham, and he seemed to adapt well to the expansive straights. With the added experience, he is expected to improve on that performance tonight.

Diego recorded the fastest split among the heats, and a repetition should propel him to the corner in the lead. Despite being technically a railer, his previous success in this position last week suggests backing him once again.

All Out Rosie (2) could pose a threat. Despite a slow start last week, she surged home to claim second place behind Acomb Alfie. The delayed start could prove advantageous this week, given the four railers in the race, allowing her to settle behind the early-paced hounds and secure a favourable position on the rail.

In addition to the Category 1 semis, the Category 3 BGBF British Bred Midlands Sprint Trophy heats add to the excitement. KEEFILL GEORGE (5) in the first heat (19.49) is an antepost pick for the competition from the Phil Milner kennel. Despite a minor setback in the last Open, as long as he starts on equal terms, he should dominate this heat.

George boasts the fastest time among the 12 runners in the competition, recorded in a trial (18.09s). Last year, he finished as the runner-up after encountering some crowding when turning for home. With an improved box today, I hope he secures a clear run to showcase his full potential.

Watchhall Sid (6) holds a favourable position on the outside and possesses a significant amount of back class. As the BGBF British Bred Puppy Cup winner at Oxford last year, he has performed well in various top competitions since. While he hasn't won in three sprints at Nottingham, he could be a contender in this race, aiming to advance to the final next week.

Best of luck with your selections.

Top Picks

19.49 Nottingham Keefill George (Trap 5)

20.44 Nottingham Coppice Gracie (Trap 6)

21.02 Nottingham Westwell Diego (Trap 4)

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