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    Daily Greyhound Tips 10 May 2024
Daily Greyhound Tips 10 May 2024
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Daily Greyhound Tips 10 May 2024

Live greyhound racing sets the pace for an exhilarating Friday, with a range of events unfolding at Hove, Newcastle, and Romford.

Starting off at Hove in the 13.17, expert's top pick is Beaming Power. Despite recent challenges, Belinda Green's greyhound has shown promise in the A4 grade. With a strong back straight pace, he’s poised to make a compelling run for the finish line.

Heading to Newcastle's afternoon card, keep an eye on Watermill Alana in the A7 at 16:34. Despite occasional slow starts, she’s displayed a knack for finishing strong, positioning herself well for a potential win against a modest-paced field.

As the night unfolds at Romford, the six-bend feature race at 21:36 presents an enticing showdown. Expert's pick, Annual Bono, aims to redeem himself after a narrow loss last week. With trap three advantage, he's primed to outpace his rivals and seize victory.

Best Bets

13.17 HOVE - BEAMING POWER (Trap 3)


21.36 ROMFORD - ANNUAL BONO (Trap 3)

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