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    Countdown to the 2024 Star Sports/TRC English Greyhound Derby
Countdown to the 2024 Star Sports/TRC English Greyhound Derby
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Countdown to the 2024 Star Sports/TRC English Greyhound Derby

Just days remain until the launch of the world's premier greyhound racing event—the 2024 Star Sports/TRC English Greyhound Derby at Towcester.

The historic Northamptonshire venue is set to host the prestigious event for the sixth time, having taken over from Wimbledon in 2017, with Nottingham stepping in for two years (2019/20).

The excitement is palpable following Friday's first round draw, with heats scheduled across three nights this week—ten on Thursday, ten on Friday, and eleven on Saturday. Despite non-runners and withdrawals, a formidable Irish contingent has boosted the original entry to 193.

Renowned Englishman Graham Holland, based in Co. Tipperary, arrives with a potent squad, including defending champion Romeo Magico (2022) and Easter Cup winner Clonbrien Treaty, aiming for a third consecutive Derby title.

Topping the sponsor’s ante-post list is the British-bred star and Olympic champion, along with kennel mate Queen Joni, a four-time Category One winner, giving Liz McNair a strong hand in this canine extravaganza.

Promoter Kevin Boothby looks forward to a thrilling competition, optimistic that recent trials and tribulations with the traps and hare mechanism are behind them.

“We have worked hard on the track, and once again, the greyhounds will be our main focus,” said Boothby. “The entry was tremendous, and I’m delighted to see a strong Irish presence—they have a notable record here. However, the home challenge looks exceptionally strong, and we are all set for five weeks of top-drawer action.”

Social media updates will be handled by Billy Brennan throughout the competition, keeping fans informed via Towcester’s popular YouTube channel.

“We’ve aimed to cover all bases, and that will continue throughout the Derby,” said Brennan. “From Kevin Boothby to Ben Keith of Star Keith, we are all passionate about greyhound racing, especially the English Greyhound Derby.”

2024 Star Sports/TRC English Greyhound Derby Schedule

First Round: May 23, May 24, May 25

Second Round: May 31, June 1

Third Round: June 8

Quarter-finals: June 15

Semi-finals: June 22

Final: June 29

Prize Money

1st Place: £175,000

2nd Place: £25,000

3rd Place: £12,500

4th Place: £10,000

5th Place: £7,500

6th Place: £5,000

Winning Breeder: £4,000

Winning Kennelhands: £1,000

BGBF British-bred Bonus: £2,000 (for the British-bred greyhound who progresses furthest)

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