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    Coonough Crow Dominates Arc Grand Prix Heats at Sunderland
Coonough Crow Dominates Arc Grand Prix Heats at Sunderland
Greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Coonough Crow Dominates Arc Grand Prix Heats at Sunderland

Coonough Crow kicked off her title defense in impressive fashion during the heats of the Arc Grand Prix at Sunderland. Mark Wallis's talented greyhound showcased her prowess, securing victory in heat five and solidifying her status as a strong contender for Friday's semi-finals. Coonough Crow aims to become the first greyhound to secure back-to-back victories in the 640m event, which commenced in 2007.

In the heats, Coonough Crow, sired by Eden the Kid and Coonough Dolly, displayed her trademark strong-running style, winning by an impressive seven lengths. She overtook early leader Westside Bocko and crossed the finish line ahead of Innfield Ciara in 39.26 seconds (normal).

The hat-trick landed by Diane Henry's kennel also drew attention. Savana Shay, Savana Heross, and Savana Jazz secured victories in heats one, two, and three, respectively, displaying remarkable performances.

Savana Shay, Savana Heross, and Savana Jazz showcased their talents with powerful efforts, each securing victories in their respective heats. These greyhounds demonstrated versatility and agility, making them formidable competitors in the upcoming semi-finals.

With notable performances from Coonough Crow and other standout greyhounds, the Arc Grand Prix at Sunderland promises an exciting and competitive showdown in the semi-finals.

Sunderland's Arc Grand Prix Semi-Final Trap Draw

The stage is set for the semi-finals of the Arc Grand Prix at Sunderland, with top contenders vying for victory over the 640m course. The trap draw for Friday's semi-finals is as follows:

First Semi-Final:

  1. Savana Shay
  2. Emers Bonnie
  3. Aayamza Dancer
  4. Knockalton Duza
  5. Coppice Kaiser (w)
  6. Agile Ange (w)

Second Semi-Final:

  1. Coonough Crow
  2. Aayamza Sydney
  3. Innfield Ciara
  4. Farneys Willie (m)
  5. Allowdale Icon (w)
  6. Savana Jazz (w)

Third Semi-Final:

  1. Innfield Charm
  2. Brinkleys Magic
  3. Savana Heross
  4. Greenwell Ange (m)
  5. Ballymac Jonjo (w)
  6. Greenwell Halle (w)

Greyhound enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the thrilling competition as these top contenders race towards the coveted championship title.

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