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    Coolavanny Shado's Retirement
Coolavanny Shado's Retirement
COOLAVANNY SHADO Photo: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Coolavanny Shado's Retirement

Coolavanny Shado, one of the fastest but often unlucky greyhounds of his time, has been retired after sustaining a limp during a trial at Central Park last weekend.

Trainer Patrick Janssens explained: “He was diagnosed with a sore gracilis. While not career-ending, by the time he recovers, he'll be four years old and unlikely to regain his former speed.”

The 34-kilo black dog participated in five Category One finals, winning the 2023 Winter Derby at odds of 5/2. Despite being twice runner-up in East Anglian Derby Finals, the Steel City Cup, and withdrawing from the 2023 Laurels decider due to injury, Shado's talent remained undeniable.

Despite struggles with his starting speed, Shado showcased remarkable ability. He holds the track record at Perry Barr (27.77) and previously held the Oxford 450 record at 26.49. His versatility is evident with times of 27.23 for 462 metres at Yarmouth and 29.30 for 500m at Nottingham. Bred by Shane O’Gorman, he is the son of Droopys Sydney and Yahoo Perlena.

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