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    Command Performance by Romeo in Blue Riband Heats at Towcester
Command Performance by Romeo in Blue Riband Heats at Towcester

Command Performance by Romeo in Blue Riband Heats at Towcester

Romeo Command continued his impressive form with a commanding performance in the heats of the Blue Riband over 500m at Towcester on Sunday, following his track record run on New Year’s Eve. Trained by Patrick Janssens, the English Derby runner-up clocked the fastest time of the round with a remarkable 28.91 seconds.

In a dominant display, Romeo Command pulled clear in the last of six heats, crossing the line an impressive nine and a half lengths ahead of Derby Plate winner Whyaye Man (Mark Wallis) and Hurry Up Jordan (John Lambe). This performance sets the stage for the semi-finals of the Blue Riband, and Romeo Command emerges as a strong contender for the Derby later in the year.

The Towcester heats saw notable victories, including a double for John Mullins, with Swift Iconic and Signet Goofy. Swift Iconic, the 2023 Steel City Cup winner, triumphed in heat two, while Signet Goofy, the 2022 Steel City Cup winner, showcased front-running excellence in heat three.

Ower Mystery, under the guidance of June Harvey, extended his UK record by securing his fifth win in six starts. Savana Shay, trained by Diane Henry, emerged as the second-quickest on the day, delivering an impressive performance.

The fifth heat was claimed by Nottingham Eclipse champion Newinn Syd, trained by Mark Wallis, who overtook Tommys Boss and Wasted Monday to secure the win.

Towcester racing manager Andy Lisemore expressed satisfaction with the top-class racing, highlighting Romeo Command's outstanding form and the promising start to the year for the Blue Riband competition. Lisemore also noted the historical significance of the Blue Riband, recalling its legacy from the Wembley days, and commended the top-class dogs competing for this prestigious title.

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