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    Chloe Hardy Receives GBGB Kennelhand Of The Year 2023 Award
Chloe Hardy Receives GBGB Kennelhand Of The Year 2023 Award

Chloe Hardy Receives GBGB Kennelhand Of The Year 2023 Award

Chloe Hardy, a standout figure at Bramble Kennels, has been named GBGB Kennelhand of the Year for 2023. This prestigious award is granted to an exceptional kennelhand demonstrating remarkable dedication and consistently going the 'extra mile' for the greyhounds under their care.

Based with trainer Steve Anderson in Tyne and Wear, Chloe has been an integral part of Bramble Kennels for seven years, navigating through challenging times.

Steve Anderson commented, "We've had a very tough 18 months, including personal loss, but Chloe just rolled up her sleeves and stepped up when it mattered most."

Chloe played a crucial role when kennel favourite Bramble Revel fell seriously ill last January, providing round-the-clock care. Steve added, "Revel made a remarkable recovery and is now back racing. I've got such a brilliant team here – I'd be lost without them."

Currently serving as the head kennelhand to Steve, Chloe is set to become an assistant trainer soon, with plans to take over the licence.

Owner Andrew Fox praised Chloe's exceptional care for his dogs during and after their racing careers, ensuring they went to excellent homes in retirement. Stuart Bowes, a syndicate member, expressed pride in the comeback of Bramble Revel, attributing it to Chloe's dedicated attention.

GTV's Tanya Stevenson thanked everyone for their nominations, acknowledging the difficulty in choosing a winner due to numerous deserving candidates. Chloe emerged victorious this year, but Stevenson expressed gratitude to everyone contributing their devotion and dedication.

The judging panel, including Tanya Stevenson, Cheryl Miller, Duncan Gibson, and Scott Harvey, selected two runners-up: Maria Ansbro (kennelhand to Derek Knight, attached to Hove) and Mandy Curtis (kennelhand to David Mullins, attached to Romford).


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