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    Chico Uk Bound After Sale
Chico Uk Bound After Sale

Chico Uk Bound After Sale

Exciting news in the greyhound racing world as Optic Chico, the remarkably fast son of Droopys Sydney and Zola Princess, has been sold and is poised to make a splash in the UK racing scene. The talented greyhound is set to join trainer Nathan Hunt, having been acquired by esteemed owners Nic and Amanda Jeal.

Trainer Robert Gleeson confirmed the sale, expressing a tinge of sadness to part with a greyhound of Chico's caliber but extending his best wishes to the new connections for the journey ahead. It's reported that Optic Chico will be given a new moniker, Antigua Forky, and the English Derby is earmarked as his primary target.

Greyhound enthusiasts will be eagerly anticipating Antigua Forky's debut in the UK, and the English Derby will undoubtedly be a highlight to watch as this talented racer embarks on the next chapter of his racing career.


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