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    Celebrating Success: Havana Top Note's Triumph and Liz McNair's Rise
Celebrating Success: Havana Top Note's Triumph and Liz McNair's Rise
Havana Top Note. Source: gbgb.org.uk

Celebrating Success: Havana Top Note's Triumph and Liz McNair's Rise

Liz McNair soared to the top of the GBGB Trainer of the Year standings following Havana Top Note's impressive victory in the Bet365 Hunt Cup Final at Oxford on Friday. The KSS Syndicate's Brendan Keogh described Havana Top Note as "as genuine a dog as you will see," highlighting the dog's remarkable qualities. Trained by the McNairs for the KSS Syndicate, Havana Top Note secured his second Category One title with a commanding performance, replicating his success in the Bet365 Challenge Cup at the Cowley track last year.

With a quick start into the bend, Havana Top Note showcased his speed, clocking a superb 15.05-second sprint sectional despite the soft underfoot conditions. Maintaining an unassailable lead throughout, the April 2021 son of Eden The Kid and Mean Beauty crossed the line with a two and three-quarter lengths lead over his competitors. The victory, coupled with King Ezra's third-place finish, propelled Liz McNair above 14-time champion trainer Mark Wallis in the 2024 Trainer of the Year race.

Reflecting on the achievement, Brendan Keogh expressed his delight for Havana Top Note and emphasised the dog's genuine nature and love for racing. While acknowledging the Trainer of the Year race between Liz McNair and Mark Wallis, Keogh maintained a focus on each competition as it comes, highlighting the syndicate's approach to racing.

Looking ahead, Havana Top Note's versatility opens up possibilities for future competitions, including potential entries in the Ladbrokes Summer Stakes Classic at Monmore and the kennel’s Trainers’ Judgement Night team at Hove on May 4. Keogh also extended gratitude to Oxford Stadium and the race sponsors for their support, emphasising the importance of such backing for the sport.

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