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    British Performance of the Week - Week 15
British Performance of the Week  - Week 15
SAVANA HEROSS. Photo: © Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

British Performance of the Week - Week 15

The weekend's open race events brought forth notable performances, with Havana Top Note securing his second Category One title in the Bet365 Hunt Cup final. Despite reaching seven different finals, this marked only his second race in an orange jacket.

Savana Heross's swift victory in the Sunderland 650m ARC Grand Prix semifinal, clocking 39.39, raises questions about the decision to opt for this event over the Hunt Cup at Cowley.

In the Laurels heats at Perry Barr, Acomb Irene stood out with a swift 28.24 run, demonstrating impressive speed from the traps.

Crafty Shivoo's dominance in the Brighton Belle heats saw her clocking a remarkable 29.80 time, outpacing Havana Bale Out by five lengths, who still managed the second-fastest time.

Kilara Coco returned to form with a stylish victory at Monmore, clocking the week's fastest 480 time at 28.34.

Wicky Ned showcased a strong performance in the Bresbet Gymcrack semis, delivering an emphatic 28.62 run and marking the fourth fastest time over the course.

Noteworthy performances at Newcastle included Watchall Annie's sub-29.00 run in A4 and Coolavanny Jayce's impressive performance in A2 on -10 going.

At Pelaw, Tromora Supreme continues to impress, securing another victory despite facing tougher competition.

The fastest run of the week at Valley came from Hawkfield Coco, who triumphed in 28.57 (N), followed by another win on Sunday in 28.90 (-20).

Harlow saw Droopys Latest clocking the fastest 415 time of the year so far at 26.13.

Kinsley witnessed a series of sub-28.00 performances, with Ballydaniel Cat leading the pack with a swift 27.70 (+40) run.

Ballymac Mags returned to form with a victory at Swindon, marking her resurgence after a string of successes at Oxford.

Chelms Gask stood out at Romford, breaking the 24.00 mark for the standard with a swift 23.96 run in A1.

Dunns River showcased consistent form at Suffolk Downs, clocking a speedy 23.92 (-20) over the 388m course.

Jaguar Jacob's impressive performance at Doncaster, just 10 spots off the fastest 483m run of the year, earns him recognition.

Alright Patricia's noteworthy run at Crayford's 714m, though not the quickest, was overshadowed by All Along's impressive 22.90 performance over the 380m course.

Empress Of Rome's impressive run at Crayford, clocking 33.74 for the 540 metres, added to her outstanding performance at Central Park.

Quagos Jack's swift 16.22 run at Yarmouth, despite being outside the sprint track record, marked another impressive victory.

Finally, Droopys Clue's outstanding 28.58 track record at the Derby course highlighted his exceptional middle-distance capabilities, setting the stage for the upcoming Derby.

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