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    British Performance of the Week - Week 23,2024
British Performance of the Week - Week 23,2024
KING MEMPHIS. Photo: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

British Performance of the Week - Week 23,2024

Crayford sales purchase Miss Syd matched the fastest 540m time of the year on Sunday, illustrating exceptional form and speed. Bitches have historically struggled in the Greyhound Derby, with none reaching the final at Towcester. However, Crafty Shivoo is on the verge of breaking this trend, clocking impressive times of 28.59 and 28.62 in her recent races.

Cooladerry Dust's 10-length victory in the Coronation Cup semi-final, posting the fastest time of the year, should have easily made him the Romford selection of the week. However, he was narrowly chosen over Gemma Evans' September pup, Millbank Boiler, whose 23.66 was just short of the year's quickest 400m time.

Droopys Standard, at 12/1, set the fastest semi-final time of the Kent Silver Salver at Central Park on Sunday. This performance follows a track record of 16.25 over the course and distance.

Mustang Ojay's performances in Oxford's two-bender races have been noteworthy, clocking the sixth fastest time of the year with 14.95, followed by a 14.90 run, and repeating that time again on Saturday. Only Casemiro has been quicker this year with 14.89.

The Perry Barr raider, Different Speed, extended his winning streak to 13, with his quickest win at 15.89 and the latest at 15.92. His SPs reflect his dominance: 4/7f, 4/11f, 4/9f, 11/10f, 4/9f, 1/7f, 2/9f, 3/10f, 1/6f. This time last year, he was in P3 at Monmore.

Garfiney Blaze's recent run at Monmore, clocking 41.02, surpassed Bombardier's 41.03 from 2021. The last greyhound to better this was Antigua Fire with a 40.90 run in 2019.

Innfield Charm returned to Sheffield and set the fastest 720m time of the year with 42.93, matching Sweet Daffodil's 2023 FOY.

Yarmouth's 19-month-old Acejukepopper, trained by John Mullins, clocked 27.78 in A1, showcasing the quality of young talent bred from Greyhound of the Year, Signet Ace.

At Nottingham, Suffolk Downs' joint track record holder Bettys Jack ran 17.58 over 305m, closely following Coppice Rocket’s FOY.

Hove's standout performances included Bombout Bullet's 16.34 sprint and Wasted Monday's 500m run in 29.35. However, Maxine Locke's Droopys Rosie, despite being less experienced, clocked 29.42, making her the selection.

Sunderland's Firmino Bubble overcame heavy bumping to win an A1 in 27.28, marking her seventh win in ten races.

Newcastle's Ballymac Lineout clocked 38.84 over 640m, earning the selection with his fourth win in five races.

Thorndyke Ace at Pelaw secured his sixth win in 25.98, while Crayford's Miss Syd equaled Ritzy Empress's fastest 540m of the year with a 33.26 run.

Kinsley's top race featured Kilara Thyestes winning narrowly in an A2 after several close calls in previous races.

Harlow's Pookies Caesar clocked 26.39 in A4, a remarkable feat for a greyhound nearing his fifth birthday.

Suffolk Downs’ selection was Bronson, completing a hat-trick with a 23.82 run in A2.

Perry Barr’s Flying Desire beat Jet Stream Angel in 28.18, highlighting his rising potential.

Doncaster's Avongate Venus won with a 29.43 open race time, topping the list of performances.

Swindon's selection honours went to Eze, clocking the second fastest 28.00 for the standard this year, coinciding with his selection for Gareth Southgate’s European Champion squad.

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