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    British Performance Of The Week - Week 14, 2024
British Performance Of The Week - Week 14, 2024
BURROWS SAPPHIRE. Fastest in the Saturday Night 515 heats with 30.04, and more than eight lengths to spare. Hove 6th April 2024 Photo: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

British Performance Of The Week - Week 14, 2024

In a showcase of exceptional talent and determination, several greyhounds across the UK have delivered standout performances, capturing the essence of British greyhound racing at its finest.

Notable Achievements:

  • Havana Top Note: Demonstrating remarkable stamina and skill, Havana Top Note clinched a spot in his SEVENTH Category One final, setting an impressive pace in the Bet365 Hunt Cup semi-final at Oxford, clocking 39.43 (-15).
  • Coonough Crow: Showing resilience and prowess, Coonough Crow triumphed in the quickest heat of the ARC Grand Prix at Sunderland, posting a winning time of 39.26.
  • Droopys Doughnut: Setting the pace over Sheffield's 500m course, Droopys Doughnut showcased exceptional speed with a swift run of 28.68.
  • Droopys Supply: Making waves in the opening round of the Bresbet Gymcrack, Droopys Supply delivered a standout performance, clocking an impressive 28.87.
  • Burrows Sapphire: Reigning supreme at Hove, Burrows Sapphire recorded the fastest 515 of the year to date, clocking an impressive 30.04.
  • Darley Diglake: Making waves at Perry Barr, local champion Darley Diglake impressed with a speedy trialstakes win, clocking 28.49 (-10).
  • Tromora Rain: Shattering records at Valley, Tromora Rain set a new sprint track record with a blistering time of 15.79.
  • Clives Joy: Setting records at Suffolk Downs, Clives Joy achieved a remarkable feat, establishing a new 220m track record of 13.27.
  • Bouncy Doorman: Dominating the track at Crayford, Bouncy Doorman secured his ninth consecutive win, showcasing remarkable consistency and skill.

These outstanding performances highlight the diversity and depth of talent within the British greyhound racing scene, captivating audiences and enthusiasts alike with their exceptional speed, agility, and determination.

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