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    Brighton to Host GBGB's 2023 Greyhound of the Year Awards
Brighton to Host GBGB's 2023 Greyhound of the Year Awards

Brighton to Host GBGB's 2023 Greyhound of the Year Awards

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) has chosen Brighton as the location for the 2023 Greyhound of the Year Awards, scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd, at the Brighton Metropole. After a successful event at The OEC overlooking Sheffield's Owlerton Stadium in February, the Awards will continue to showcase prime racing spots in Great Britain, this time in Brighton and Hove.

With a full racing schedule set for Saturday night at Hove Greyhound Stadium, the event invites trainers, owners, enthusiasts, and supporters to mark their calendars. The Awards will spotlight the best and most memorable performances of canine athletes in 2023, acknowledging the teams and individuals behind their success.

Mark Bird, CEO at GBGB, expressed his pleasure at Brighton being chosen as the location for the 2023 Awards. He emphasized the importance of celebrating the sport's achievements and recognizing the efforts of everyone contributing to its success. Bird mentioned the intention to move the Awards around the country, considering factors like cost, accessibility, and the venue's ability to present the annual showcase of the sporting year.

As the date approaches, announcements about tickets and promotions for the Awards ceremony will be made early in the New Year. Due to limited availability, attendees are encouraged to save the date for this celebration of greyhound racing accomplishments.

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