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    Beyonce's Romantic Appointment
Beyonce's Romantic Appointment
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Beyonce's Romantic Appointment

Queen Beyonce, the Dam of the Year, is currently in season and is scheduled to arrive in Ireland on Tuesday for a date with her former kennelmate and four-time Category One winner, Fromposttopillar.

Handler Rab McNair expressed, “It has always been our intention to pair her with Postie. He was an exceptional greyhound, and his lineage should complement Beyonce well. Postie’s dam is from Tullymurry Act, a combination that has proven successful with our dam line, notably seen through King Elvis and his sisters."

“We always believed Fromposttopillar was an incredibly swift greyhound who we anticipated would excel as a stud dog. If we're not willing to utilize him, how can we expect others to do the same?” McNair added.

This will mark the third litter for the Derby semi-finalist. The first litter, sired by Fromposttopillar’s father Droopys Sydney, includes Kings Memphis, Capaldi, Combs, and Sydney, along with Queens Shakira. The second litter, now a year old, is sired by Magical Bale.

McNair remarked, “They are a sizable litter, with one of the dogs weighing around 40 kilograms, so I'll be taking my time with them. But when I put them on the drag, they showed exceptional potential.”


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