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    Belles Descend on Brighton
Belles Descend on Brighton
Title defence: BETSYS BULLET (t4) wins the Coral Brighton Belle Final. Photo: Steve Nash. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

Belles Descend on Brighton

The anticipation for the Coral Brighton Belle is palpable as the prestigious Category One event has once again attracted an impressive field, with a total of 41 females entered.

Rob Abrey, the Racing Manager at Hove, shared his thoughts, saying, “It's remarkable to see such enthusiasm for the Belle, especially considering it's a confined event. Despite potential contenders like the McNair and Wallis kennels putting on stellar performances recently, the competition remains incredibly popular.”

Leading the pack of 36 runners is none other than Belinda Green’s defending champion, Betsys Bullet, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already eagerly awaited event.

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