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    Battle for Regency Glory: MWD vs. KSS
Battle for Regency Glory: MWD vs. KSS
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Battle for Regency Glory: MWD vs. KSS

Mark Wallis, representing the MWD Partnership, currently leads the Trainers Championship by 74 points over Liz McNair and the KSS Syndicate. This lead could either increase or decrease by 50 points based on the performances of the top three dogs in the ante-post betting.

Wallis has two strong contenders: Ballymac Taylor, still seeking her first Cat One victory, and 'Sheryl' Crow, who has already secured two. Queen Georgia seems to be nearing her stamina limit, having recently triumphed in the Time Three Steps over the less demanding 660m at Sheffield.

PGR Regency Odds:

- 6/1: Ballymac Taylor, Coonough Crow, Queen Georgia

- 8/1: Dazl Rolex, Haka Carlo

- 14/1: Lively Lauren, Savana Heross

- 16/1: Cooladerry Dust, Razldazl Amanda

- 20/1: Alright Gordy, Baywatch Bullet, Bubbly Scorcher, Magical Luna

- 25/1: Littlers Nuke, Move Over Ogie

- 33/1: Burrows Sapphire, Lokis Deception, Ower Smasher, Rioja Woody, Riverside Shari, Savana Jackpot, Storys Fuse

- 50/1: Outback Abigail, Tromora Rex

- 66/1: Lightfoot Falcon, Turkish Lira

- 100/1: Beloved Brenda, Broadstrand Noah

- 125/1: Antigua Elsa, Droopys Moose, Soul Focus

- 150/1: Caramels Crisp, Hawk, Outback River, Ower Boy Jomela, Paradise Hailey

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