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    Antigua Walt Shines Bright in Towcester Trials
Antigua Walt Shines Bright in Towcester Trials
Greyhound. Source: Midjourney

Antigua Walt Shines Bright in Towcester Trials

Despite setbacks with the traps causing delays, Towcester's trial session today witnessed a standout performance courtesy of Antigua Walt.

With only six days left until the entry deadline, several potential contenders for the Star Sports/TRC English Greyhound Derby seized the opportunity to gain valuable course experience.

Formerly known as Ballymac Walt, Antigua Walt showcased his prowess by clocking an impressive 15.58 in the sprint session, coming within four spots of the year's fastest 270m sprint time. Meanwhile, last year's runner-up, Romeo Command, returned from injury to clock 15.78, displaying his enduring speed.

In the longer four-bend category, Undulation stole the spotlight with the sole sub-29.00 run of the session, crossing the line in a swift 28.83.

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