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    Anticipating the Arrival of Irish Maidens
Anticipating the Arrival of Irish Maidens
Greyhounds. Source: Midjourney

Anticipating the Arrival of Irish Maidens

Irish trainers Paul Hennessy and Graham Holland are anticipated to submit entries for the upcoming £10,000 KAB Maiden Derby at Towcester.

Racing Manager Andy Lisemore stated, "Kevin has four trialling on Thursday, though Graham’s runners are likely to be entered without a run here. We have an enormous trial session due to take place on Sunday, so we will have an earlier kenneling time. It is normally held at around 1.15, but might be an hour earlier. We will keep trainers informed."

Clarifying the rules, Lisemore mentioned that Irish entries cannot have won an AAO race in Ireland but can have won in AO company. Conversely, British-trained dogs can have won AAO races in Ireland but cannot have won an open in Britain.

The first round is scheduled for April 14, marking the last time the race will be held in its current format.

Lisemore added, "It was massively oversubscribed as a 48-runner event. Trying to select the runners, many of whom by definition have limited formlines, is going to be a nightmare. Apologies in advance to anyone who feels hard done by. I have spoken to Kevin (Boothby) and have decided that next year, we will operate as they used to with the Peterborough Derby, with qualification being determined on times over the course and distance."

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