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    A Classic Derby Final Awaits: De Lahdedah and Ballymac Gizmo Advance
A Classic Derby Final Awaits: De Lahdedah and Ballymac Gizmo Advance
Towcester. Photo: SteveNashPhotos. Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

A Classic Derby Final Awaits: De Lahdedah and Ballymac Gizmo Advance

Liam Dowling's aspirations for Derby glory are within reach as his greyhounds, De Lahdedah and Ballymac Gizmo, both secured spots in the Star Sports Bookmakers TRC English Greyhound Derby Final. This achievement brings Dowling tantalisingly close to the pinnacle of greyhound racing.

De Lahdedah's Dominant Performance

De Lahdedah, a greyhound highly esteemed by Dowling, demonstrated exceptional form with a commanding victory in the first semi-final. Taking full advantage of his draw on the rail, De Lahdedah managed to squeeze inside the 2023 Champion, Gaytime Nemo, and then surged ahead. This decisive move not only secured De Lahdedah's win but also dealt a severe blow to Gaytime Nemo’s chances, with Graham Holland’s defending champion finishing just shy of qualification in fourth place.

Whyaye Man's Impressive Run

Mark Wallis's Whyaye Man once again highlighted his prowess and affinity for the Towcester circuit with a stellar second-place finish. This remarkable performance is a dream come true for his MWD Partnership connections, earning him a well-deserved place in the final. Whyaye Man's consistent excellence at Towcester makes him a formidable contender next week.

Boylesports Bob's Strong Finish

Paul Hennessy’s Boylesports Bob, known for his strong running and wide course preference, claimed the third spot in the final. His ability to finish strongly makes him a tough competitor to beat, and with a team experienced in Derby success, Boylesports Bob stands a strong chance of victory next week.

Ballymac Gizmo's Ascent

Not to be overshadowed, Ballymac Gizmo also delivered a noteworthy performance, showcasing the depth of talent in Dowling's kennel. His progression to the final further cements Dowling’s position as a leading force in this year's Derby.

Final Line-Up and Prospects

The stage is set for an exhilarating final, featuring a blend of proven champions and rising stars. Each contender has demonstrated remarkable skill and tenacity, setting the scene for a classic showdown.

De Lahdedah: With a dominant semi-final victory and a favourable rail draw, De Lahdedah enters the final as a top contender, backed by Dowling's expert training.

Whyaye Man: Consistent and reliable, Whyaye Man’s affinity for Towcester makes him a serious threat in the final. His strong semi-final performance underscores his potential for Derby success.

Boylesports Bob: Hennessy's experience and Boylesports Bob's powerful finishing make him a formidable opponent. His wide-running style and strong stamina will be key assets in the final.

Ballymac Gizmo: Another of Dowling's stars, Ballymac Gizmo's ascent to the final highlights his growing prowess. With each race, he proves to be a stronger contender.

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