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    35 Entries For Arc Kent Plate
35 Entries For Arc Kent Plate
KING MEMPHIS the Engish Puppy Derby and Olympic. Photo: © Steve Nash Source: greyhoundstar.co.uk

35 Entries For Arc Kent Plate

 Central Park came close to filling all slots for the ARC Kent Plate, which commences on Saturday.

The top three kennels in the Trainers Championship have strong representation, possibly contributing to some hesitation in entering less competitive dogs.

Racing Executive Daniel Rankin stated: “The main challenge wasn't necessarily a shortage of entries, but rather a scarcity of wide-seeded dogs. We approached a couple of local trainers to include some of their wide-running top heat dogs, which they agreed to.”

As for predictions?

Daniel remarked: “It's likely one of the Kings will emerge victorious. Although both Memphis and Capaldi seemed to struggle in the later stages last week, Rab had some illness in the kennel, and the dogs may have lacked sufficient training.

“However, I was particularly impressed with Newinn Deejay. He gave Memphis a close race and appears to have a promising future ahead.”

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