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    What factors could potentially result in the end of greyhound racing in Scotland?
What factors could potentially result in the end of greyhound racing in Scotland?

What factors could potentially result in the end of greyhound racing in Scotland?

Despite efforts by the racing industry to improve safety standards, the number of dogs killed and injured each year across the UK remains unacceptably high. This ongoing issue highlights the need for greater measures.

Many retired greyhounds make wonderful pets, but too many continue to suffer from life-changing injuries. The ex-racing greyhound, Bert, had a broken wrist that never healed properly. Some dogs are not as lucky, losing limbs or their lives, while others suffer from mental trauma and anxiety. Animal welfare organisations have been working to improve industry standards, but many believe the greyhound racing industry is beyond reform. Adding more regulations will not eliminate the risks these dogs face. It is time to follow other countries and put an end to greyhound racing for good protection of these animals in the 21st century.

Image Source: Midjourney

There are instances of greyhound trainers mistreating their dogs, but there are also many who care for them properly. However, subjecting dogs to the risks of injury and death on a racing track is unacceptable regardless of the trainer's intentions.

In response to a petition urging the Scottish Parliament to outlaw greyhound racing, the time has come to make it illegal to race greyhounds.

Existing animal welfare laws have not been effective in preventing harm to these dogs, and it is imperative to take action now.

The consultation on a proposed Members Bill to criminalise greyhound racing will be open for feedback until May 1.

If Scotland truly values dogs the end to greyhound racing should be put once and for all.

Recently, advocates from the Unbound the Greyhound coalition presented their open letter to the Scottish Government, urging for an end to dog racing in Scotland. A total of 22,655 people, including well-known personalities like Chris Packham, Peter Egan, and David Olusoga, signed the letter. MSPs stood with charities and rescued greyhounds outside Parliament to show their support. This action follows the recent launch of a consultation for the Proposed Prohibition of Greyhound Racing (Scotland) Bill by Scottish Greens MSP Mark Ruskell, which the coalition strongly backs.

According to Eve Massie Bishop, spokesperson for the coalition, there has been a noticeable change in public opinion towards dog racing in recent years.

She highlighted the fact that over 22,655 individuals have signed a letter urging the Scottish Government to end greyhound racing in Scotland. Additionally, polling conducted by Panelbase revealed that six out of ten Scots believe the Scottish Parliament should vote to phase out greyhound racing.

Image Source: Midjourney

The petition submitted in 2019 by coalition member Scotland Against Greyhound Exploitation to ban greyhound racing is the most signed petition in Scottish parliamentary history.

The campaign has garnered support from animal lovers worldwide, including those from the US, Australia, Japan, France, and Spain.

Bishop emphasized that the fate of greyhound racing in Scotland now lies in the hands of the Scottish Parliament, urging them to demonstrate leadership and compassion by taking steps to put an end to this declining industry.

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