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    What are the Different Job Roles in the Greyhound Racing Industry? (part 1)
What are the Different Job Roles in the Greyhound Racing Industry? (part 1)
Owner caress his greyhound dog. Source: Midjourney

What are the Different Job Roles in the Greyhound Racing Industry? (part 1)

Greyhound racing, a widely enjoyed activity in numerous regions globally, presents a range of employment possibilities for individuals who possess a deep enthusiasm for greyhounds and the excitement of the races. This sector encompasses diverse occupations, including trainers, breeders, veterinarians, and race officials, all of which play pivotal roles in ensuring the sport's triumph and upholding its ethical standards.


Greyhound racing heavily relies on the involvement of greyhound breeders, who hold a crucial position in the sport. This occupation necessitates a profound comprehension of genetics, as well as an understanding of the desired physical and personality characteristics in a racing greyhound. The responsibilities of greyhound breeders encompass the careful selection of male and female greyhounds with impressive racing lineages, aiming to produce offspring that possess exceptional speed and agility potential.

Additionally, breeders take charge of the initial growth stages of the puppies, ensuring they receive proper socialisation and training. This early care and guidance provided by breeders establish the fundamental groundwork for the development of future racing greyhounds.

Dog veterinary. Source: http://shepparton.grv.org.au/2015/10/20/shepparton-leaps-hounds/
Dog veterinary. Source: http://shepparton.grv.org.au/2015/10/20/shepparton-leaps-hounds/

Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses

In greyhound racing, veterinary experts play a vital role in safeguarding the well-being and welfare of the dogs, as is the case with any animal-related sport. These professionals are responsible for a range of essential tasks, including regular check-ups, diagnosing and treating injuries, and ensuring the overall health of the greyhounds. This encompasses offering guidance on matters like nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation, and recuperation from injuries.

Assisting the veterinarians in their daily duties are veterinary nurses who provide valuable support. They contribute to tasks such as conducting health examinations, delivering post-operative care, performing X-rays, and administering medications. Veterinary nurses play a pivotal role in facilitating the quick recovery of injured greyhounds and their eventual return to the racing track.

Handlers and Kennel Staff

Additional individuals who contribute to the well-being of racing greyhounds are handlers and kennel personnel, both of whom play important roles in the dogs' everyday regimen. Handlers are responsible for ensuring the proper care of greyhounds during race days, which involves safely transporting them to the tracks, preparing them physically before a race, and ensuring they receive adequate rest and appropriate cooling down afterwards.

Meanwhile, kennel staff hold considerable responsibility in providing day-to-day care for the greyhounds. Their tasks encompass feeding, grooming, and exercising the dogs, as well as maintaining clean and comfortable kennel facilities.


After greyhounds reach an acceptable age, typically at approximately one-year-old, they are given to trainers whose responsibility is to ready the dogs for their racing profession. These trainers ensure that the greyhounds are in optimal physical shape and instruct them on the necessary abilities for racing on the track.

The process of training greyhounds entails instructing them to pursue, which aligns with their natural predator instincts, rewarding them for successful pursuits, and maintaining an ideal weight and level of fitness. Trainers work closely with the dogs, often forming strong connections with them, thereby promoting their well-being, which is crucial for achieving success in greyhound racing.

Race Official. Source: Daily Telegraph
Race Official. Source: Daily Telegraph

Race Officials

Race officials are another bottom-line segment in professional greyhound racing. Their primary responsibility is to supervise the races and ensure that all rules and regulations are followed. They have different positions that serve specific functions:

- Judge: The judge determines the final rankings of the greyhounds in the race.

- Steward: Stewards are responsible for enforcing the regulations and handling disciplinary matters.

- Lure Operator: The lure operator operates the mechanical lure that the greyhounds chase during the race.

This brief outline demonstrates the diverse professions available in the field of greyhound racing. Each role is distinct but contributes significant value to the sport. The industry provides numerous opportunities for individuals with various interests and skills, all united by a shared passion for the majestic and swift racing greyhounds. 

In the second part of the article, we will observe the remaining positions in Greyhound racing and how to become part of the industry.


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