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    Teenage New Zealander Becomes Greyhound Trainer
Teenage New Zealander Becomes Greyhound Trainer

Teenage New Zealander Becomes Greyhound Trainer

The McInerney family name has long been synonymous with greyhound racing in New Zealand, a tradition that remains strong with the emerging success of Blake McInerney in his training career.

Expressing his unwavering passion for working with greyhounds, 18-year-old McInerney attributes his dedication and knowledge to the guidance of his father, Jonathan, and grandfather, John, with behind-the-scenes support from his grandmother, Gail. The January GRNZ Board Award recognises McInerney's contribution to the greyhound racing industry, acknowledging his commitment and promising potential.

Image Source: Midjourney

The first milestone in McInerney's career was on 18th October 2023, when he secured his first training victory at Ascot Park. Fielding two greyhounds, Neon Lights and Frank, McInerney orchestrated impressive wins, marking a memorable start to his training journey.

Reflecting on this achievement in an interview with The New Zealand Herald, McInerney recalled the day with fondness, emphasising the significance of realising a childhood dream nurtured since his early involvement with greyhounds. Supported by his mother, Kerry O'Connor, McInerney's strategic acquisition of Neon Lights underscored the crucial role of familial support in his budding career.

Another notable triumph for McInerney came on 17th January 2024, when he achieved further success at Invercargill with four greyhounds, including the impressive performances of Weep and Big Topic. Collaborating with esteemed trainer Dave Fahey, McInerney's passion and dedication shone through, culminating in a rewarding race day.

Image Source: Midjourney

Acknowledging the support and mentorship he has received, particularly from Dave Fahey, McInerney remains focused on maintaining a high standard in his training endeavours. He is currently working with six kennels and has already achieved a 0.3282 strike-rate with 11 of his 43 four-legged trainees winning.

Looking ahead, McInerney aspires to achieve a national trainer's premiership, embodying the ambition and dedication that position him as a torchbearer for the enduring McInerney family legacy in greyhound racing.


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