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    Nangar Jim Wins Temora Cup, Via Dubbo
Nangar Jim Wins Temora Cup, Via Dubbo

Nangar Jim Wins Temora Cup, Via Dubbo

On Sunday, surging ahead from box 6, Nangar Jim asserted dominance throughout the Temora Cup race (457m). With a commanding lead, he secured victory by 3½ lengths over Overflow Beau, completing the race in 25.56 seconds. Tattooed followed closely, finishing a further half-length behind in third place.

Nangar Jim, born in Australia in 2021, is a greyhound sired by Aston Dee Bee and out of Nangar Silk. Under the guidance of trainer Joseph McFadyen, Nangar Jim is proudly owned by Tre Fratelli, and managed by J. Carrozza.

A triumphant win in Sunday’s $40,000 Group 3 Ladbrokes Temora Cup extended McFadyen's remarkable streak since assuming training duties for the dog in July of last year. 

During this time, Nangar Jim has competed in 22 races, securing victory in 13 and placing second in six others. Notably, the duo clinched the Temora Cup and the Maitland Gold Cup titles, while also achieving second place in both the Bulli Cup and the Goulburn Cup.

Joe McFadyen's admiration for Nangar Jim is undeniable, and it's easy to understand why. Nangar Jim boasts an illustrious track record marked by impressive victories and standout performances in prestigious races, prompting McFadyen to hail him as the pinnacle of his career in greyhound training.

Image Source: Midjourney

What distinguishes Nangar Jim, as lauded by McFadyen, is his unmatched consistency and exceptional racing prowess. His ability to seize the lead and maintain it underscores his dominance on the track.

 “He's just amazing. His racing traits are impeccable.” - the trainer said.

When questioned about Nangar Jim's position among the greyhounds under his care, Joe McFadyen's response is immediate and unwavering.

He declared, "He's definitely the top dog I've had." While showing respect to his other canine companions for their achievements in reaching finals, he noted that they exceeded expectations. Reflecting on their success in making 10 Group finals the previous year, he emphasized that Nangar Jim stands out as his first authentic Group class dog.

Beyond his athletic prowess, Nangar Jim's composed demeanour in unfamiliar surroundings reflects his intelligence and adaptability. Even amidst challenging journeys and new environments, Nangar Jim remains unfazed, showcasing his remarkable temperament. 

Following a journey to witness the semi-finals of the Ladbrokes Country Classic at Dubbo, McFadyen faced logistical challenges with Nangar Luna competing on Saturday night. With a five-hour drive to and from Dubbo, and an additional eight hours to and from Temora on Sunday, McFadyen opted for a single round trip by taking Jim to Dubbo. Despite the potential challenges, McFadyen decided to kennel Nangar Luna and was prepared to take Nangar Jim to a nearby park if he showed signs of agitation. However, he proved to be remarkably calm even during the lure's movement in 12 races. 

Looking ahead, the Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg presents another opportunity for Nangar Jim to showcase his talent on a bigger stage. While he may be considered more of a sprinter, his impressive trial times suggest that he's more than capable of handling longer distances and tougher competition.

McFadden expressed the notion that the dog seems to excel more in single-turn races, a sentiment supported by his performance thus far. While he hasn't demonstrated his capabilities in two-turn races at the Group level, it's possible that this perception may change as his career progresses.

Image Source: Midjourney

In summary, Nangar Jim is not just a racing dog; he's a true champion in every sense of the word.

“If you can lead, you’re going to have a chance in whatever you go around in”, - said his trainer Joseph Mcfadyen.

The anticipation of Nangar Jim's continued ascent ignites excitement within the racing community, eager to witness his further accomplishments.


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