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    There Are a Lot of Famous People That Have Greyhounds. Who Is the Most Ardent Fan of Greyhound Racing?
There Are a Lot of Famous People That Have Greyhounds. Who Is the Most Ardent Fan of Greyhound Racing?
Greyhounds. Source: Adobe AI

There Are a Lot of Famous People That Have Greyhounds. Who Is the Most Ardent Fan of Greyhound Racing?

Hound dogs are loved by everyone, but celebrities like them the most. Who are some of the celebrities who love Greyhounds, and who owns them?

Choosing to bring a greyhound into your home can be likened to becoming part of a unique and devoted community. When you decide to bring an ex-racer into your home, you'll quickly discover that you've become a part of the devoted community of greyhound enthusiasts. This essentially implies that you have become a part of the select group of dog owners who are all equally passionate about their furry companions. Notable individuals who have joined include JK Rowling, the renowned author of the Harry Potter series, Tea Leoni, a prominent Hollywood actress, and Caesar Milan, a globally recognized dog trainer. Certainly, there are regular individuals who unknowingly become members of this exclusive circle.

J K Rowling

The proprietor of a greyhound rescue centre was truly amazed when JK Rowling, the renowned author of the Harry Potter series, generously offered to adopt one of their dogs and presented a donation of £1000.

Celia Fernie was completely unaware that the woman who came with her family to see the neglected greyhounds was the famous author behind the Harry Potter series. She inquired the woman, who identified herself as Mrs. Jo Murray, about her ability to offer a caring environment for a dog.

J K Rowling. Source: NBC News
J K Rowling. Source: NBC News

Celia consented to granting 'Mrs Murray' and her family custody of the dog only after conducting the customary home-check inquiries, which included requesting photographic proof of a spacious backyard with a wall measuring at least six feet in height. Mrs. Murray - or rather JKR - promised that she would be able to shower the dog with abundant affection and care since she 'worked from home'.

Celia, aged 61, operates Greyhound Rescue Fife in Kinghorn alongside her husband, Jimmy, who is 70 years old and a retired lecturer. Rowling arrived at the centre accompanied by her husband, Neil, who is a doctor in Edinburgh. With them were their three young children and their beloved pet dog, a Jack Russell named Butch.

However, she was completely taken aback when the writer - who is reportedly worth a staggering £545 million - generously donated a sum of £1000 and signed it with the name JK Rowling.

Celia exclaimed, "I was absolutely astounded when I saw the sum written on the check." As I caught sight of her name, it suddenly dawned on me who she was. I just exclaimed, 'Oh, I didn't realize it was you.' She simply smiled courteously. After regaining my composure, I kindly inquired if she would be willing to provide a few photographs featuring herself and Sapphire for our website. As promised, she fulfilled her word, and after a short span of time, three photographs were delivered, showcasing Sapphire in her fresh abode.

Celia mentioned that it appeared as though they developed a deep affection for Sapphire once the dog formed a bond with Butch and the rest of the family.

The owner of the centre remarked, 'She had a wonderful connection with Sapphire - all of them did.' From the moment I laid eyes on her, I had a strong feeling that she would become an adored and pampered canine companion.

Greyhound Rescue Fife, a charitable organization that depends on generous contributions and dedicated volunteers, has successfully found loving homes for over 100 greyhounds since its establishment in 2005.

Tea Leoni

In addition to being a well-known retired racing greyhound owner, Tea Leoni is also a hot actress who has been in films such as Bad Boys, Jurassic Park, and Deep Impact. 

Dr. Harry Cooper

In the event that you are an international reader and are not familiar with him, Dr. Harry is one of the most well-known celebrity veterinarians in Australia. When I was a kid, I used to watch Dr. Harry on television. I was a huge fan of him, and I recall that he taught me a lot about dogs. In addition to being a celebrity veterinarian, Dr. Harry is also a fan of and owner of greyhounds, as well as a participant in greyhound racing. At one point in time, Dr. Harry served as the head veterinarian for both his own office and one of the major race meets in New South Wales. He was also the head veterinarian for a Greyhound. In addition to being an advocate for animal welfare, a genuine fan of greyhounds. Wow, how is that even possible? 

Dr. Harry Cooper. Source: Hellocare

Vinnie Jones

Greyhound racing, football, and punching guys are some of Vinnie Jones's favourite things to do.

In all seriousness, what a guy of legends he is. Vinnie Jones is well-known for a number of things, including his career in football (soccer), during which he played for the clubs Wimbledon FC, Chelsea, and Leeds United. Additionally, he is well-known for his appearances in movies such as Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrells, Gone in 60 Seconds, Mean Machine, and X-Men.

In addition to this, he is well-known for the fact that he once owned 21 racing greyhounds and participated in the William Hill Greyhound Derby in Britain with two of them competing at the same time! 

Vinnie Jones. Source: These Football Times
Vinnie Jones. Source: These Football Times

Uri Geller

Uri Geller, a well-known performer, mentalist, and spoon bender, is a particularly vocal supporter of greyhound adoption and retired racing greyhounds. Congratulations, Uri! We are curious as to whether he enjoys the racing as much as he enjoys the dogs. 

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